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Dentures: Everything You Need to Know

At Engstrom & Hamilton Orthodontics Raleigh NC, we can modify dentures to match a patient’s teeth precisely, but there are still some major factors that patients should consider before obtaining dentures. Fortunately, advances in dental technology have made this procedure less complicated than ever before.

How Dental Implants Work and What You Should Know About Them

It is critical to replace a lost tooth as soon as possible if it is caused by accident, decay, infection, or age. Dental implants are the most beneficial alternative since they may restore a patient’s tooth root structure and form. Denture replacements are less expensive than dentures, and they’re an excellent option for people who don’t want to have surgery. 

Dentures are trustworthy and highly effective. Keep in mind that early replacement is essential because it may help to prevent resorption and preserve the general look of your smile intact.

What’s the Difference Between Dentures and Partial Dentures?

Dentures have been around for a very long time and this is mostly because almost everyone, at some point in their life, suffers from tooth loss. In fact, there are many instances when people lose all or most of their teeth, making it difficult for them to chew the food they eat.

This is actually one of the main reasons why dentures have become so popular throughout the years, as those who have lost most of their teeth now have an option available that will allow them to fulfill the need to chew and nourish themselves once again. However, it’s not just about chewing – even smiling becomes much easier with properly fitted dentures – which makes it a wise choice for anyone dealing with tooth loss problems.

Temporary Dentures

Many of our patients wear dentures or partial dentures on a temporary basis while undergoing cosmetic treatments to replace missing teeth for the purpose of better appearance. For example, if a patient opts to have dental implants, the treatment might take several months. A temporary denture will be available to preserve the smile throughout this time.

While comparing several treatment options, other patients wear dentures to give them the option of making their own decisions. Patients are able to make decisions without feeling compelled to do so when they use dentures while deciding which treatment approach to pursue. The only caution is that, as time goes on without replacing the lost tooth or teeth, the body’s resorption rate will rise. Even if a patient simply replaces one lost tooth with a temporary denture set, it will assist considerably.

When your jawbone has recovered, Engstrom & Hamilton Orthodontics can fit you with a permanent set of dentures that will fit correctly and maintain their appearance. We can provide patients with a dental bridge or dental implants as a long-term alternative in other circumstances.


Dental Dentures


What to Expect If You Get Dentures

Dental implants are a type of prosthetic that repairs lost teeth. Dental implant therapy is an alternative to dental prosthetics and restorations. Dental implant dentures are more conventional than removable dentures because they must be removed at night when the patient sleeps.

Because we directly attach them to the jaw, implant dentures are not reversible. Unless the patient is healthy and if there are no teeth left in use, we will not advocate for implant dentures. We will evaluate the patient’s teeth and present level of oral health during a complete examination. We will then go through additional phases in the process for a person seeking dentures if they are interested. The following is a summary of each step in the procedure.

  • A dental examination

The first step is for our staff to examine the patient’s teeth and assess the patient’s oral health. The dentist will look for evidence of infection, tooth decay, previous dental work that may cause problems with the denture process, and any other teeth that might need to be removed while conducting this examination.

  • Creating dentures

The dentist will acquire a mold of the teeth and measurements following the consultation to confirm that the dentures are properly fitted. The findings will then be sent to a dental lab for fabrication, following these specifications.

  • Making the dentures fit

We will evaluate the patient’s mouth and determine what type of dentures would be best for him or her. We’ll make certain that the person can utilize the dentures without discomfort or difficulty. During this appointment, we may make changes to the dentures if required.

  • Getting Used to Dentures

Denture wearing may be uncomfortable at first, but after you’ve gotten used to it, you won’t feel a thing. It may take some time to get used to eating and talking with dentures, but they will eventually provide the same functions as natural teeth.


Other factors to consider include:

Our dentures will be a custom fit to the individual’s mouth and require some time before the individual has full control of them. Dentures also need regular tooth cleaning to keep from becoming unusable. Brushing with toothpaste is not necessary, but it is essential that they are properly cared for.

Improper denture cleaning, as shown in the following video, will necessitate the use of a special brush and a solution that does not harm the denture’s material. When the patient sleeps, the removable dentures must be soaked in the solution at least once a night. Because there are numerous types of dentures, we’ll go through how to clean them using one of these procedures. We’ll also help you choose the finest dental cleaning solution for your dentures and when it’s appropriate to use them.

Although a person with no teeth may appear to be free of any gum disease, this is not the case. As a result, brushing one’s gums at least twice a day is required whether or not one has teeth. After removing dentures from the mouth, patients are instructed to rinse them in water and then brush their gums gently with toothpaste.

Brushing the patient’s teeth and keeping the dentures clean will aid in preventing an infection from developing in the mouth. It is critical for a person to brush their tongue and roof of their mouth as well. While this might be difficult for a patient to get used to, good oral hygiene is essential for maintaining dentures in excellent shape.

Patients must be cautious not to drop their dentures on the counter or floor in the bathroom when brushing their teeth. Denture teeth are both durable and unbreakable, although they aren’t indestructible. It is critical that a patient contact us as soon as possible if he or she requires any sort of dental repair. Attempting to repair dentures without the aid of a professional may have severe consequences.


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